Nicaraguan rosewood

Nicaraguan rosewood (Dalbergia tucurensis)—sometimes called Yucatan rosewood or Panamanian rosewood—is gaining notoriety and popularity in high-end guitar circles. As luthiers cast about for an alternative to the world’s sadly diminished stock of Brazilian rosewood (Dalbergia nigra), Nicaraguan rosewood has distinguished itself as a worthy successor. If you’re a fan of Brazilian’s rich and storied resonance, you owe it to yourself to experience what Nicaraguan has to offer.

Cinnamon brown in base color with thin, dark streaks that swirl into a complex but somewhat understated figuring, Nicaraguan’s attenuated colors and subtle tones offer a refined, distinguished look that complement its refined sound. We all know Brazilian’s well-deserved tonewood reputation, but we also know over-harvest and poor stewardship of forest resources has nearly exhausted the world’s stock. Our woodworkers developed a keen relationship with Nicaraguan rosewood before we ever incorporated it into a guitar. We think you’ll come to the same conclusion that we have: Nicaraguan rosewood will soon be a fixture on high quality guitars. This is the future of rosewood.