Hearne Hardwoods

Hearne Hardwoods’ mission sounds simple: Offer a selection of some of the world’s most beautiful woods cut from sustainably managed forests. Executing and maintaining the integrity of that mission, however, requires immense dedication, effort, and commitment.

Rick and Pat Hearne have sourced sustainable, exceptional hardwoods from around the globe since 1997. Over the past 25 years, they’ve grown from a four person, eight thousand square foot company to a business with eighteen employees and over fifty thousand square feet of showroom, storage, and manufacturing capacity.

A small, family-owned, specialty hardwood company located on an 18th century homestead in southeastern Pennsylvania, Hearne Hardwoods remain vigilant in their mission to supply exceptional wood without compromising our world’s forests.

In order to do this Rick and his son, Brian, travel the world looking for the “masterpieces” of nature that will inspire woodworkers of every level. In the past few years, they’ve begun to specialize in procuring exquisite tonewoods. Their deep knowledge of wood—specifically wood for musical instruments—combined with their commitment to sustainability and global forest health, makes them a perfect fit in the Bedell family.

We’re thrilled to be turning the wood that they work so hard to bring to market into exceptional guitars.