Archived Series

Summer of Love Series: This series revives the spirit of the most coveted acoustic guitar during the summer of 1967: the Adirondack/Brazilian dreadnought.  It’s the sound that inspired a revolution and transformed the face of modern music. The Bedell Summer of Love series is the first series presented in the Freedom Collection. This Collection captures the stories of the significant moments, events, and movements that changed our world for the better during the '60s and early '70s. The summer of love was one of the most emblematic happenings of the era, which is why these twelve instruments are the launching point for the overall Collection. View Instruments.

Revere Series: Description coming soon.

While Tom Bedell was securing the world’s largest collection of legally documented Brazilian rosewood, he visited a magnificent cathedral in Segovia. Marveling at the acoustics, he vowed to design a huge sounding dreadnought. The backs are hand selected Brazilian, named Puerta de Iglesia (Church Door) as the stunning sap wood was popularly used in cathedral doorways centuries ago. The tops are individually harvested European spruce. Due to the rarity of these woods we must restrict this offering to a limited edition of six guitars.

There is something magical with Brazilian rosewood, it projects profound bass, yet delivers shimmering highs…the most revered tonewood found in nature. We have chosen backs from the Esperanza Tree, buried for centuries in a wet environment, you can see the minerals that were absorbed into the wood fiber, adding density for more sound. The stout Bear Claw Sitka spruce tops are the ideal complement to create a powerhouse series of three body sizes.

Pairing Adirondack spruce with Honduran mahogany results in a mid-range powerhouse. It has the power to fit in with any collection of acoustic instruments and more than hold its own. The wider fretboard facilitates finger picking, rapid fire play.