Brandi Carlile Hits The Road

Brandi Carlile began her career in the Seattle music scene and has become a commercial success ever since. Carlile’s music has been categorized all across the genre music board. From pop, rock, alternative country, folk to R&B and blues, Brandi adapts her music style to her vocal phases.

Brandi has released successful albums since 2005 and is now on tour promoting her fifth studio album, The Firewatcher’s Daughter, which was released March 3, 2015. Brandi along with her band mates, Tim and Phil Haneseroth, are all three equal songwriters. The three all have different writing styles and for this album they just let the creative flow! All three of the band mates are new to parenthood and The Firewatcher’s Daughter really reflects that.

Bedell is proud to share Brandi’s success and that she has found inspiration in our Bedell Coffee House Parlor. We can’t wait for more to come!

To find Brandi Carlile tour dates head over here.

*Photo credit Hanna Hanseroth