Guster’s Pop Up Show at an Old Coal Plant

If Guster didn’t seem cool enough, here is a reason to change that. Just hours before Guster’s sold out show at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT the band decides to throw together a last minute pop up show at the Moran Plant, an old coal plant.

This particular coal plant has been abandoned for over thirty years and has been undergoing extreme changes to create a vision of art, commerce, music, and social gatherings to energize the community. A handful of organizers have been working tirelessly for two years to transform this old coal plant.

Guster is a band that supports local communities and founding member Adam Gardner created REVERB to educate concert goers on environmental issues including a campaign to Stop Illegal Logging. Guster surprises us more and more everyday with their acts of humanitarianism and their passion for the environment. We are happy to have them as a Bedell Artists.

Check out the video from the Moran Coal Plant Pop Up Show with Adam, guitarist, rocking his Bedell Earthsong Orchestra and the rest of the crew jamming in their hard hats!