The Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance introduced a new grant that will increase sustainable forest management with small landowners in the Southeast region of the U.S. The program being a $1.35 million combined investment from four major forestry and paper-goods companies. The four contributors include: Avery Dennison, Columbia Forest Products, Domtar and Staples Inc.

The southeast region is home to a wide range of wildlife, plant life, and natural resources. Around 60% of these forests are owned privately. With business patterns changing and an increased industry dependence The Rainforest Alliance along with other supporting companies will work hand in hand with local groups, landowner associations, stakeholders, and consulting foresters to increase sustainable forest management.

The Bedell family is eager to hear The Rainforest Alliance and other contributing companies are hard at work to keep these forests managed and are taking initiative to ensure sustainable logging practices are in place. Bedell takes great pride in the fact the wood used in our guitars are sustainably sourced and environmental friendly, meaning, we do not purchase illegal wood and never knowingly use clear-cut trees.

To read more of this Press Release go here.

*Pictured in the photo, from left to right: Mark Buckley of Staples; Dean Scarborough of Avery Dennison; Tensie Whelan of the Rainforest Alliance; Brad Thompson of Columbia Forest Products; Michael Garcia of Domtar; and Richard Donovan of the Rainforest Alliance at the Rainforest Alliance’s 2015 Awards Gala.