Bedell Takes Over Guitar World’s Acoustic Nation

If you have been on the Acoustic Nation website you may notice some Bedell Guitar action there.  Not only will you notice featured stories about Bedell Guitars, but you will also have a chance to participate in a Bedell Guitar Giveaway!

Acoustic Nation will feature special articles about Bedell’s sustainable practices, sourcing salvaged tonewoods, and the craftsmanship of these beautiful instruments. “The main goal of our takeover is to get people to hear what we have to say. We can create beautiful instruments without destroying our environment,” Sami Mulhern, head of Media and Marketing for Bedell Guitars explains. Bedell has a mission; it’s to get these beautiful guitars in musician’s hands so they too can experience the phenomenal craftsmanship, projection, harmonies, and feel good about the decision of the purchase and know exactly where it came from.

Bedell Guitars is proud to be to be conscious consumers of forestry products. The guitar manufacturer takes only naturally fallen, singularly harvested or reclaimed timber never from a clear-cut or illegally logged tree. Doing the right thing never sounded better.