Tiny Satellites Launched

Satellites have revolutionized the way we can capture images and knowledge. In today’s digital world you can access almost any location and imagery of it.  Unfortunately, satellites are very expensive, big and time consuming to craft. Or are they?

In a recent video with co founder of Planet Labs, Will Marshall, who says he can create a satellite in a more efficient and fast paced manor, he explains how not only do satellites take a long time to make, but also the photos being delivered are not current. After Marshall’s run as scientist at NASA/USRA, where he helped formulate the Small Spacecraft Office at NASA Ames Research Center and worked on lunar orbiter mission LADEE, LCROSS, and the groundbreaking PhoneSat project, building satellites out of consumer parts he decided to venture outside the box and create something amazing. He and his fellow cofounders of Planet Labs wanted to show what the earth looks like in almost real-time from a new network of small yet capable satellites.  There has been around 30 satellites that has been launched by Planet Labs named Dove measuring 10 by 10 by 30 centimeters and are delivering real-time imagery.

In Will’s Twitter bio, he calls himself a ” Co-Founder & CEO of Planet Labs — building little spaceships to help us to take care of our favourite spaceship, the Earth smile”Here at Bedell we couldn’t agree more. We too strive for peace, harmony, and to care for our vessel. Sourcing wood in a sustainable and environmentally way is important to us and we share this video because we realize how important this is for not only humankind, but also for the biodiversity of the forest. Having imagery in real time can give us access to put a stop to illegal logging, old growth deforestation and the extermination of wildlife. With a constant watch and real time images, keeping an eye out for clear-cutting can be made much simpler. Bedell being a guitar manufacturer knows that these special woods are what make the guitars amazing, but the way you source your wood is the important part. We morally choose to manufacture guitars with only naturally fallen timber, singularly harvested logs or reclaimed trees, never clear-cut. Every tree tells a story and we will honor that tree and tell its’ story.