What Bedell Guitar Body Shape is the Best Fit For You

Bedell Guitars is known for their stunning handcrafted and morally sourced instruments. So how do you know which Bedell is the right fit for you? Bedell Guitars offers three body shapes for each guitar series- Dreadnought, Orchestra and Parlor. The most common first impression when strumming a Bedell Guitar is the projection and the sustain- no matter what body shape. These aren’t quiet guitars, these guitars are meant to be heard and to tell a story of the beautiful music woods used to create such masterpieces. Below is information on each body shape to help with the decision of what fits you, the musician. After all, your music is what inspires listeners to hear your story.

The Bedell Dreadnought- The Dreadnought was originally developed in 1916 and manufactured by C.F. Martin & Company. The word “dreadnought” referred to a large, all big-gun modern battleship of the type inaugurated by HMS Dreadnought in 1906. By the mid 20th century the dreadnought was used almost exclusively by folk musicians, also including bluegrass guitarists. Today, dreadnoughts are standard in the bluegrass world to produce a signature tone of the genre. Country musicians have also taken accustom to dreads for their deep, full and rich projections. The Bedell Dreadnought will hold its own in an when in a group of other stringed instruments, even traditional banjos and mandolins.

The Bedell Orchestra- The Orchestra body shapes are known for producing a sweet and balanced tone. When comparing a dreadnought to an orchestra a difference in the guitar waist will be noticeable. This body shape has become a favorite for the fingerstylist where each note can be heard.  This Bedell body style offers a slimmer waist, which provides clarity, comfort, and crisp tones

The Bedell Parlor- The Parlor body shape peaked popularity in the late 19th century. Many blues and folk musicians used smaller bodied guitars during this time and still do. The signature Bedell Parlor is 12-fret to body where the bridge is more centrally located in the lower bout. This provides greater efficiency in vibration activation of the top and delivers surprising volume and clarity from this smaller body.

When finding the guitar to suit your musical needs, body shape plays an important role. Whether its comfort, tone, or aesthetics Bedell can fit your guitar profile. With our three body shapes and a range of finish options you can be certain to fall in love with your inspiration machine.