Lacey Act Intends to Fully Enforce Protection of the U.S. Forests

The Lacey Act is a conservation law in the U.S. that prohibits trade in wildlife, fish, and plants that have been illegally removed, possessed, transported, or sold. Trees also fall under this law of protection.

Earlier this month Bedell Guitars shared a news update about the wood poachers who were imprisoned. Owner of J&L Tonewoods, Harold C. Kupers, and three other men, were indicted and arrested for stealing prized Big Leaf maple from Washington’s Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Kupers, along with his company, is being charged with receipt of stolen property as well as seven violations of the Lacey Act for purchasing the illegally logged wood and then selling and transporting it to other companies. The other three “tree thieves” are being charged with theft of government property and damaging government property for the illegal harvest of maple trees.

The indictment notes that between “2011 and 2013, the tonewood defendants earned revenues in excess of $800,000 dollars for the sale of maple.” Many companies that are in the timber industry realize that they can just go into the forest in the night and cut down a tree and sell it for great profits. What they don’t realize is, they will get caught.

Bedell Guitars vows to never purchase, sell, or craft with clear-cut or illegally logged wood. The value of a tree’s life goes into great consideration when Bedell crafts an instrument. The guitar company will only use salvaged or reclaimed wood to create beautiful guitars and will honor the trees life in the making. Doing the right thing never sounded better.

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