The Pahang Forest

Is there hope for the Pahang Forest? In a recent article, the writer being from Butterworth, Penang, stressed the issue of illegal logging, clearing of trees and jungle to ready the land for planting (fruits, vegetables, palm oil trees).  These areas being cleared are permanent forest reserves and these large areas have been cleared without Land Officer or District Office approval. With all of the clear-cutting going on not only in the U.S., but also in countries all over the world, it shows little hope for a solution.  Or does it?

A short 3-hour plane ride will take you to the Sarawak Forest. Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem who has been very vocal about increased fines for those caught stealing timber and illegally clearing forestry. The state has seized countless numbers of illegally felled logs from timber thieves and timber tycoons. This is the sort of justice is needed to stop the clear cutting madness.

Where there is no way to watch everybody, there may be a way to watch forestry. A solution needs to come about to protect not only the beautiful trees, but also the surrounding wildlife within the forest. Bedell vows to never knowingly use wood from clear-cut tress and instead, uses wood from singularly harvested, reclaimed or salvaged trees. Shouldn’t all brands do this? We find it important to make a beautiful instrument while honoring a beautiful tree. If you could create a solution to stop clear-cutting, what would it be and how can we help?