Bedell Coffee House Parlor Guitar

Each Bedell guitar tells a story. The wood, strings, technology is all found in the USA and crafted to create a beautiful sound. The ingredients of a Bedell guitar speaks for themselves, but when we get a story from the owner of the Bedell that’s when we have to share. American Toolbox featured a review on their blog about the chase of this guitar and we hope that Bedell will be the last guitar they play. “AFTER HEARING ABOUT  BEDELL guitars for a few years, occasionally hearing the guitar itself, always played proudly by it’s lucky owner, I finally got myself into one of the rare handful of dealers scattered across several continents.Favoring a smaller guitar, perhaps a 000 with attractive wood, my eye and hand choose the Bedell Coffee House Parlor- Natural top.  PLENTY of volume from this artistic meld of wood and metal.  PERFECT fretboard under my fingers.  Better balance than I would have guessed, perhaps the result of a 12-fret neck?  The sound was deep and full.  As melodies flowed from the lower strings, clear frequency response and rich sustain greeted me with every note.  Higher tones punched through with life and vigor.”

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