Shannon Labrie Featured in the Washington Post

Shannon Labrie is a Nebraskan native that finally found her home in Nashville after living in various places around the country.  “It wasn’t until I moved to Nashville that I truly felt like I could relax and feel at home. In many ways Nashville was the answer I was looking for,” she says. Labrie has been a Bedell artist for years playing both Coffee House and 1964 models.

In 2015, she independently released “Alcohol” as well as the EP War and Peace.  “Alcohol” and some songs from the EP will appear on her sophomore album scheduled for release in 2016.  Want to hear some of these songs?  Labrie was recently featured in an article for The Washington Post, Nashville Fridays: Songs From My Couch with Shannon Labrie.  Check out the article to learn more about her music and to check out some great performances of “Homeland” and ” Lion’s Cage.”

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