Olivia Frances Releases New Album

Olivia Frances is thrilled to announce the release of her sophomore album, Evergreen which launched on 11/10/15.

Evergreen is the follow-up album to Back to Happiness with a more bubbly, mature sound. This release includes ten story-pop songs she has written and co-written with other Nashville songwriters. Seven of the tracks have been pulled from Olivia’s well-received #SingleSteps project to accompany three brand new songs.

Olivia is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter with a sunny disposition from Cincinnati, Ohio. Taking a gap year in Nashville following her high school graduation enabled Olivia to focus on her distinctive blend of catchy pop melodies and the storytelling aspect of country music. Her positive energy shines through in this newest release.

Olivia was featured in an NPR story you can read here.  You can get the album on iTunes.

Check out Olivia’s full artist profile and be sure to go to one of her shows to see her Bedell 1964 Orchestra in action.