Old Standard Wood

Owner John Griffin and his crew scour the forests for precious trees that are in danger of, as John says, “becoming bug food.” Once John acquires the appropriate permits, he carefully removes these hand-selected and hand-felled trees from their habitat and brings them back to his shop in Fulton, Missouri, perched on the bluffs overlooking Cedar Creek, for processing and drying.

John is a conservationist at heart, and accordingly, is committed to the wise use of our natural resources. He believes selectively harvesting dead, fallen or nearly dead trees is essential for the health and longevity of our forests.

“Old Standard Wood specializes in the direct select harvest of Adirondack from deteriorating old-growth stands…this is the spruce used in the ‘golden era’ of American guitar building. We are working closely with Tom Bedell to save the very few instrument-grade spruce from these dying stands of wood, giving them another life in Bedell Guitars.” – John Griffin, Old Standard Wood