Gregory Douglass’ Home Invasion Tour

Ever hear of a “House Concert”?  Well it is exactly how it sounds! It is an opportunity to gather with your friends, guests and loved ones with an an artist who performs in an intimate setting. It is a chance to turn a typical dinner party or friendly gathering into a truly momentous occasion.

Bedell artist Gregory Douglass, who is now based in LA, has had such a fun time and a successful west coast summer Home Invasion tour he has decided to extend it! He has announced his fall leg of the Home Invasion Tour and it will be throughout the Northeast region of the U.S.

Douglass has stated that house concerts have become his favorite performance settings over the years and has literally performed hundreds. “I have found them to be such a rewarding experience for both the audience as well as the performer. I’ve become more and more committed to house concerts to celebrate all the incredible people who continue to support my music. I am so grateful for the patronage I have received from so many generous backers during my Kickstarter campaign in February, 2014 to help finance this new album. You have made my music a priority in your lives, so I want to do the same for you. House concert hosts and participants will be the first to hear many of these new songs performed live, and this tour will give folks exclusive access to all the new material before the public release!” says Gregory.

Make sure you Bedell lovers keep checking back in on Gregory’s Home Invasion tour! If you are interested in hosting a house concert please contact Gregory at