Tom Bedell Interviews with Guitar Business Radio

Tom Bedell was recently featured in an exclusive interview on Guitar Business Radio. GBR is a podcast created, produced and hosted by Jeffrey D Brown (Founder of GuitarPR). Make no mistake, this podcast is about the business of guitar from all angles… from guitar builders to guitar players and everything in between.

In their 14th episode, they have a great chat with Tom Bedell, owner of Breedlove Guitars, Bedell Guitars and Weber Mandolins. “He’ll tell us why he’s creating customer experiences and not just building guitars. We’ll also get some history, philosophy, science and perspective on how he runs his business and where he’s going with it in the future. We offer a brief story of interest in The Shorts. In The Value Shot, we bring you Next Level Part 5 with more about leveraging your knowledge.”

Listen to the full interview by clicking this link. 

Highlights of the podcast include:

00:40 Setting the Stage
03:45 The Shorts
05:20 Tom Bedell Interview
38:05 The Value Shot / Next Level Part 5