The Organized Crime In Trading Timber

The Environment Investigation Agency (EIA) recently released an update on the extensive investigations of the trade on timber in China and Myanmar, which in turn exposed the corruption that aids these transgressions.

The 155 Chinese nationals who were convicted of the illegal logging of Myanmar’s precious trees were pardoned. The misconduct was thrown into the public eye of how massive volumes of timber have been stolen from the country’s precious land.

Documents surfaced that presented Chinese businessmen paying in gold bars to obtain the rights to log entire mountains and officially allow the timber to move through various checkpoints. The Kachin and Yunnan Providence in China are the heart of the trade, but timber is increasingly being sourced deeper within Myanmar to feed factories in south and east China. The majority of the timber being illegally moved across the border has been identified as high value rosewood and teak.

The EIA has called upon Myanmar and China to take urgent and effective action against the massive illicit timber trade on September 24th. Be sure to check back on the Bedell Industry News to learn what solution is to come!

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