Tony Buckman

Born amongst the fragrant juniper trees, raised in the rugged Central Oregon high desert, with his constitution forged as a professional bareback rider, Tony Buckman is an authentic cowboy—exceedingly polite, magnanimous, gritty, and tough. Buckman has lived a cowboy’s life and his unique life experiences resonate in his music. Country music isn’t a Nashville theoretical—it’s a part of his soul.

Pick-up trucks, chasing rodeo dreams and hazy days aren’t just lyrical imagery, but life experiences that inspire Buckman’s music. As a professional bareback rider, Buckman was living the dream until fate cruelly took it from him. Launched into an arena on broncs with only rigging wrapped to one hand, Buckman barely survived a turbulent and violent sport. He endured abuse and injury including breaking his back in four places. After learning to walk again, Buckman summoned a second dream people only write about. His injury forced him to reach deeper than ever before to explore pain, loss, love and the beauty of life through poetry and lyrics. One muse begat another and the guitar became his new, trusty steed, compass, and guide. Tempting fate again, Buckman settled some unfinished business by getting on the very horse that broke his back and ultimately won four consecutive regional championships for New Mexico State University. Ain’t nothing bucking this cowboy!

Now Buckman is a prolific songwriter, recording music at the Halfling Studio in Portland, Oregon, and performing throughout the state and the American West. He’s also a subject of an independent documentary film: “An American Cowboy.”