Pilgrim is about a journey. A journey through life, love, and the pursuit of adventure. With musical heritage in jazz, soul, bluegrass and gospel, and a pulse on cutting edge pop music, Pilgrim presents a breath of fresh air in the world of indie pop. The Nashville-based independent artists have spent the last two years building authentic fans and laying deep roots of the “Pilgrim life” through cross- country house concert tours. With their breakout EP “I Found You”, a harmony- heavy pop album with swirls of soul, country and Americana, Pilgrim is paving their own way and making their own rules. Touring in an airstream trailer, Pilgrim emphasizes authenticity, genuine connection with their fans, and an appetite for life.

The innovative and adventurous nature of the Pilgrim brand and their one-of-a-kind sound is garnering a rapidly growing fan base across social media platforms. To attend a Pilgrim show is to be transported to a fantastic world of storybook love and endless possibility.

Find out more about Pilgrim at http://www.pilgrim.life