Maurice Arenas

Maurice Arenas is a classically and jazz trained musician with over 40+ years of playing experience (Maurice has played guitar since the age of 4) and has over 25 years of teaching experience.

Since his 20s Maurice was a full time NYC studio musician and Broadway pit musician and has played session work (for TV and radio) on various projects that has included a very diverse palette of styles and genres including Classical, Flamenco, Traditional Jazz, Fusion, Rock, Electric Blues, R&B, Funk, Latin, Shred, Acoustic Blues and Folk, Fingerstyle, Country and New Age guitar.

Maurice currently continues to do studio and production work as well as guitar clinics. He is also found working at his own music studio with music hobbyists, preparatory students, semi-professionals and professionals who wish to further their musical careers. He has also coached a number of professionals who are on Billboard charts as well Grammy nominees.

Maurice is now also a featured artist instructor on TrueFire in which he has his own online classroom on Fusion Guitar called “21st Century Guitar”

Maurice is also a featured instructor on Mike’s Master Classes in which he has a 6 video series called “The Art Of Fusion Guitar”.

Maurice has also contributed as a featured columnist for Just Jazz Guitar Magazine, TrueFire “Riff” Journal Magazine and Guitar Skills Magazine. With new plans for instructional books underway, Maurice continues his musical pursuits forward with upcoming performances, recording projects, production as well as more installments of his video series as well as new DVD series on blues and shred guitar  planned to come out later this year. His new solo album should be due out late 2016 early 2017.