Cameron Bedell

From the age of 10, singer-songwriter Cameron Bedell has been crafting his music skills in a variety of ways.  He began making beats and rapping on his dads laptop with a small computer microphone, then began teaching himself how to play the old beat up guitar in the basement.  Later, Bedell took on percussion, keys and dove head first into poetry and lyrics.  Over the past 15 years he was spent a majority of his time building a catalog of over 300 songs.  Bedell has produced and engineered every album and EP he’s ever put out.  Currently, he works closely with a group of 3 other writers known as “Project48”.  Bedell, and his writing group get together every 3 months and lock themselves in his home studio for 48 hours.  They write, record, mix and master a 5-6 song EP, and release it the very next week.  Growing up, Bedell’s influences  were split between acts such as:  Elton John, Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, and Michael Jackson.  He currently lives in Nashville, TN with his wife Anna, and spends his days writing and producing for multiple artists in a wide variety of genres.  Bedell has cuts with Rayvon Owen, Ernie Halter, Samara Yung and many other artists.  Cameron’s career is still young and on its way to something spectacular.  Keep your eye on him as the next 10 years are bound to be truly something special.

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