Bray Woods

In an ever-changing world, music has a way of bringing people together. And that’s exactly how the Bray Woods story began, through East Texas Bedell vendor, Action Sound Hawkins.

With Jess Bray on lead vocals and Matt Woods on guitars, we bring a fresh take to the alt-rock scene, a space known for its often rebellious and message-heavy freedom of expression.

Bands like The Cranberries, Radiohead, and System of a Down were the soundtrack of our rebellious teenage years, and you’ll hear some of that lasting impression in the songs.

Some bands have a tumultuous journey, but it flows with ease with us. Our focus… have a blast doing what we love, create music that empowers, and do our very best to serve the songs for which we are a vessel, and share them with our communities.

Fresh off the release of our debut Trilogy, we are so honored to be sharing what feels like a lifetime of music finally coming to light through Bray Woods. And we can’t wait to share the next Trilogy, which is already in the works.