"The Tree" Mahogany

The Honduran mahogany from The Tree has provided legendary tonewood for nearly 50 years; for centuries The Tree flourished in the Chiquibul jungle in Central  America. It spent its life sheltering flora and fauna alike and living harmoniously  in the mystical jungle among geckos, myna birds, and jaguars. When it was  discovered on the forest floor in 1965, it was estimated to have been 500 years old, putting seed germination nearly 30 years before Columbus landed in the Americas for the first time. Bedell Guitars has acquired some of the last available mahogany from The tree to grace the back and sides of this extraordinary instrument.


Belize tree species are facing an unprecedented level of threat from habitat loss and illegal logging, according to Global Trees Campaign. Swietenia macrophylla, (Honduran mahogany, which is also known among forestry experts as bigleaf mahogany) was added to CITES appendix II on November 15, 2003, but the over-exploitation of these trees has led to population declines of up to 70% since the 1950s. Global Trees Campaign has partnered with Ya’axché Conservation Trust in Belize to provide tree conservation training to help Belizeans monitor and manage their threatened tree species, including Honduran mahogany.

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“The Tree” Mahogany “The Tree” Mahogany