Pilgrim Joins Bedell Artist Program

Last fall, Aaron and Katie from the group Pilgrim pulled up to the Bedell factory in their glimmering Airstream trailer. The duo was in the midst of a cross country roadd trip / tour across the nation – playing music, shooting music videos and enjoying the spoils of life on the road. Aaron pick up a new Bedell guitar to demo and they filmed a great music video (above) outside Bend, OR.

They recently officially joined the Bedell Guitars artist program – and we are just thrilled to have them on board. The group is currently touring around the Nashville area and we can’t wait to see what new media they kick out.

About Pilgrim (from www.pilgrim.life):

It began in a little house with a baby crawling on the floor.  It began with writing songs about love and life and dreams and fears.  Songs that poured out of both of us with ease, organically and enjoyably, between work, diaper changes, yard work, and our other musical endeavors.  We were in the process of buying that little house and that little baby was almost ready to walk.  The busy life of the American dream was unfolding before our eyes.  Simultaneously, though, a new dream was stirring in our hearts.  A dream of being together, being free, traveling, creating art, slowing down, living life to the fullest, meeting new people and sharing our joy.

This beautiful voice of possibility grew louder and we began to realize that the one-size-fits-all life plan we were sold, may not actually fit.  The music we were creating together began to take center stage and soon it was clear we had something special on our hands.

In the late fall of 2013, we decided to take the leap.  We left our house and sold almost everything that we owned.  We stayed with family long enough to record our EP “I Found You”, and buy and renovate a vintage airstream trailer.

In Spring of 2015, we officially set off on our adventure and in fall of 2016 we had the privilege of joining Airstream’s #EndlessCaravan!  We have been traveling the U.S. playing house concerts and exploring, documenting our journey through photo and video and sharing through social media and our youtube channel.  We will ultimately be producing a feature-length documentary of our travels and the interesting people, places and things that we encounter along the way.

The message that we carry with us is simple.  You only have one life to live.  It’s time to live it.  Do what you really want to do.  Follow your heart, believe, and never give up.

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