Hand Tuning Bedell Guitars

At Bedell Guitars, we honor every tree we turn into instruments. We know the characteristics of the wood in each tree vary in density, frequency and appearance. Honoring this gift of Mother Nature demands that we understand the music wood potential in every soundboard using frequency and density technology. As the Bedell craftsmen in Bend, OR strive to build the best sounding, sustainable and aesthetically brilliant acoustic instruments – they are venturing down an exciting path intertwined by technology and craftsmanship – hand tuning select instruments’ top and back tonewoods with the assistance of cutting edge software and meticulous attention to sonic perfection.

If this all sounds mysterious and complicated, allow us to explain this simple yet extraordinary process. After top and back tonewoods have been chosen for an instrument build, perfectly quarter sawn bracing is applied to the top and back wood sets.  Individually, the top and the back will be placed into a customized jig, and then tapped with a specialized mallet. The tapping produces frequencies that are in turn recorded with a microphone and analyzed in real time by sophisticated software. The real-time data output allows the craftsmen the ability to tap a piece of wood, analyze the results and meticulously hand carve away a portion of the bracing. This process – tap, review the results, and slowly carve the bracing – is repeated until the select soundboard frequency falls within the desired ranges and when the entire soundboard is perfectly balanced.

Bedell Brand Manager Angela Christensen explains, “We’ve identified target pairing frequencies specific to models, playing styles and desired sound qualities. Equally important, we produce really balanced tops in all the desired frequency ranges.”

To greatly oversimplify – the craftsmen at Bedell Guitars are pairing cutting edge technology with finely detailed craftsmanship to create sonically astounding finished instruments. The perfectly tuned instruments sound phenomenal.

We invite you to experience the new hand-tuned Bedell Wildfire dreadnought, orchestra and parlor models. Tonally balanced and with a powerful voice, exceptional playability and an astounding burst finish.