Milagro Series: In 2014, Tom Bedell selected a very special Brazilian rosewood tonewood set from the Milagro Tree that had grown in NE Brazil over 350 years ago. He paired it with a 400 year old Sitka spruce top with an ideal density. Angela Christensen added an old European inlay design. The first Bedell Milagro Parlor was born. Tom’s pride and joy, this instrument was safely tucked away in Tom’s home where he would frequently share it with visitors. Everyone marveled at the beauty in appearance and sound of what Tom affectionately called, “My Angel.” Wanting others to be able to have a similar instrument, Tom decided to add the Milagro Series to the 2017 line-up of Bedell Guitars. View instruments.

Summer of Love Series: This series revives the spirit of the most coveted acoustic guitar during the summer of 1967: the Adirondack/Brazilian dreadnought.  It’s the sound that inspired a revolution and transformed the face of modern music. The Bedell Summer of Love series is the first series presented in the Freedom Collection. This Collection captures the stories of the significant moments, events, and movements that changed our world for the better during the '60s and early '70s. The summer of love was one of the most emblematic happenings of the era, which is why these twelve instruments are the launching point for the overall Collection. View Instruments.

Rio Series: With this prodigy of Brazilian rosewoods, we have created the Rio Power Dread, the Rio Bold Orchestra, and the Rio Regal Parlor. They are extraordinary Brazilian instruments. View Instruments.

Bahia Series: In launching the new Bedell Bahia dreadnought, orchestra and parlor we have paired our Brazilian rosewood with Alaska Sitka spruce that was salvaged from the forest floor near Craig, Alaska. We never use wood from clear-cut trees…most importantly from over 1,000 year old-growth Sitka forests. View Instruments.

Angelica Series: The Bedell Angelica is a masterpiece finger style acoustic guitar designed for the finger style player that is looking to experience clarity, fullness, warmth, and unparalleled beauty. View Instruments.

Wildfire Series: The Bedell Wildfire is the most soulful, native series of instruments we craft. Built from all American wood with amazing handcrafted detail, they fill the room with the American sound that has made the guitar our countries most popular musical instrument. View Instruments.

Revolution Series: The earthy elegance of the Revolution with its rope purfling and rosette and artistic fret inlay compliment the melding of the Revoluton burst with the natural landscapes in each cocobolo tonewood set. Available in dreadnougt, orchestra and parlor body shapes. View Instruments.

Blackbird Series: The Bedell Blackbird Vegan models aren’t just sustainable, they’re also built using only American harvested woods: a salvaged Sitka spruce soundboard, Western bigleaf maple back and sides, an Eastern hard rock maple neck, and a walnut fretboard, bridge and peghead overlay. View Instruments.

Coffee House Series: These instruments are exquisitely crafted from its Adirondack spruce tops to its Indian rosewood backs and sides with handcrafted koa binding. The Bedell Coffee House comes in Dreadnought, Orchestra and Parlor body shapes. View instruments.

1964 Series: Constructed from a time-honored tonewood combination of Sitka spruce and Honduran mahogany. Bedell 1964 Series brings back the spirit of the music we all love and comes in Dreadnought, Orchestra and Parlor body shapes. View instruments.

Earthsong Series: These guitar are built solely with American harvested tonewoods:  maple, walnut and salvaged Sitka spruce. The harvesting of the woods used in the Bedell Earthsong is done with minimal impact on the forest. View instruments.