Revere Dreadnought

Tom Bedell designed the Revere series guitars for one reason and one reason only: to offer the world’s most talented musicians the finest instruments possible, made from ethically sourced heritage tonewoods, to inspire and illuminate the music they were born to create.

The Bedell Revere Dreadnought pairs naturally seasoned Brazilian rosewood and hand-selected Adirondack spruce for the ultimate in projection, articulation, and balance. A handcrafted koa inlay accents the three-piece back from Brazilian rosewood trees that were acquired by our Spanish wood partner over 50 years ago and aged in an ideal climate near Madrid.

To enable the legacy sound of the Revere Dreadnought, each perfectly cured rosewood back-and-side set is paired with the stiffest Adirondack spruce soundboards in order to allow for the thinnest, lightest top possible for maximum responsiveness. Together they offer the artist incredible opportunities for powerful, nuanced expression.

The Revere Dreadnought is equipped with the PowerMix Pure XT system from K&K Sound: an electronics package that has earned the respect of players worldwide, and offers the purest sound possible.

All Bedell Guitars come with a hardshell case.

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Product Review

Bedell Revere Guitar Review

June 18, 2014

Bedell has announced its new Revere Series guitars, which combine heritage tonewoods and superior electronics in an instrument designed for the stage player. The Revere is available in dreadnought, orchestra and parlor body shapes and is made from ethically sourced heritage ...