Milagro Parlor

The Milagro is a National Geographic styled story, set in the 17th century, telling the tale of two seeds germinating in the Americas over 7,000 miles apart.

The sides and back of the Bedell Milagro Guitar are sourced from The Milagro tree, a “miraculous” Brazilian rosewood tree that is estimated to have germinated in the early 1600s. Mother Nature blessed this spectacular Brazilian rosewood tree with unforgettable and unparalleled tone. When struck, it can resonate like glass with unmatched sustain and projection.

The Bedell Milagro Guitar features a salvaged Sitka spruce top, hand-selected by Tom Bedell. This 400-year old Sitka spruce tree has gifted us with beautiful tonewood featuring warmth, resonance and sustain, offering a distinct grain pattern that enhances both the visual and aural aspects of the wood. Combine Milagro Brazilian rosewood and Sitka spruce and you get a once-in-a-lifetime miracle.

The Bedell Milagro comes with an Ameritage case. Note: the instrument featured in the photos contains a custom sound hole rosette. Standard product will have the same rosette as the Orchestra and Dreadnought models in this series.


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