Limited Edition Orchestra Cutaway Adirondack Spruce – Figured East Indian Rosewood


The orchestra model guitar has been the fingerpicker’s go-to tool since it was first developed in the 1930s, marrying a long scale neck with a spacious yet comfortable 1 & ¾” nut to a compact body that fits right under the arm for hours of lost-in-thought play. Bedell’s newest limited edition fits that bill, but as flatpickers discovered long ago, the orchestra is truly a versatile instrument, capable of taking to a thumping strum as well as a gentle stroke. With its trademark cutaway, this new Spotlight model—the first orchestra in the series—matches the tone and power of its larger Adirondack and East Indian cousin, but with a balanced, clear and focused voice all its own. Step up, it’s your turn to shine.

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