Bedell Rio Orchestra

We can only speculate on the story of the one-of-a-kind Esperanza  Brazilian rosewood tree. Its age, unique coloration, and magical tonal qualities suggest it grew in NE Brazil during the colonial period – sometime during the 16th – 18th centuries. The slight orange accents in the very dark, almost black grain suggest the Esperanza tree grew on a ranch, owned by the fazendeiros and was left buried.  With its rich mineral content, it was most likely by or in a river.  In the late 1950’s, along with several other Brazilian rosewood logs, the Esperanza log was shipped to a church ornament company just outside of Madrid, Spain. There is was stored and left to air dry. It was not until two decades later, when the company began processing and marketing tonewood for stringed instruments, that the true music magic of this Esperanza tree was uncovered.

Brazilian rosewood has long been heralded the pinnacle of guitar body tonewoods. Many of the tonewoods in the rosewood family grow in the tropics, but none has ever matched the magical Dalbergia nigra of Brazil. It’s life, the decades of being buried in a wet environment and the slow natural aging of the Esperanza tree somehow has resulted in the finest music wood of all. You can hold a tonewood set between your fingers and feel it vibrate. It has a bright glass-like ring that sustains. And it has that unique Brazilian rosewood aroma.

With this prodigy of Brazilian rosewoods, we have created the Rio Dread, the Rio Orchestra, and the Rio Parlor. They are extraordinary Brazilian instruments. Due to Esperanza’s denseness we can use thinner more responsive back. A hand selected extra stiff salvaged Bearclaw Sitka spruce soundboard and tone bars are hand carved for 100% tuned tops. The one-piece Honduran mahogany neck is dovetailed into the body with a compound taper similar to how vintage guitars were made in the 1930’s. And a stunning Rio Burst to is applied compliment the magic of the music these instruments produce.

All of Bedell Guitar’s Brazilian rosewood is legally documented for world travel and future conveyance. A concierge service is available to assist musicians with required travel permits or international sales. Doing the right thing never sounded better.


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