A light touch makes this redwood top talk, and the tallest trees have a lot to say. Redwood sounds vintage from the start, with rich overtones and a dynamic complexity drawn out by skilled fingers. Each string speaks, with strong note separation and a deep, crisp timbre.

The back and sides of this stunning little parlor incorporate stunning and rich Cocobolo. Cocobolo grows from southwestern Mexico through western Central America – creating one of the world’s most colorful woods. Reaching as much as 80 feet in height and three feet in diameter it is known for its dynamic patterns of browns, oranges and yellows. As a results of its picturesque grain patters and water resisting oil content, cocobolo has been over harvested – resulting in it being listed in Appendix II of CITES. CITES is a coalition of over 180 countries and the European Union that all agree to support the protection of threatened and endangered species of plants and animals.

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