Guitar Aficionado Lucky Strike Guitar Review

Bedell’s latest creation, the Lucky Strike guitar, is crafted from the wood of two extraordinary trees discovered on forest floors.

The Lucky Strike features back and sides of exceptionally rare, figured Honduran mahogany and a top harvested from a storm-downed redwood named Lucky Strike, from which it takes its name.

The Honduran mahogany was harvested from The Tree, a magnificent specimen discovered on the forest floor of the Chiquibul jungle in 1965. Estimated to have been 500 years old at the time, The Tree has provided legendary tonewood for nearly 50 years.

The redwood tree, Lucky Strike, was salvaged from an old-growth forest of Northern California. Lucky Strike fell suspended over a ravine, which provided ideal curing conditions.

Part of the Bedell Antiquity Series, the Lucky Strike Guitar features an inlay of sunflowers, which is itself a reference to The Tree. In 1510, shortly after The Tree sprouted in the Chiquibul jungle, Spanish explorers discovered the sacred sunflower plant in the Americas. The inlays also connect the instrument symbolically, Bedell says, “with the optimism, adoration and hope of the Aztecs, the Otomi and the Incas of the Americas — all three tribes used the imagery of sunflowers to symbolize their sun gods.”

Lucky Strike is available exclusively at the Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney, Texas.

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