Custom Instrument Feature: “Stripe” Acoustic Guitar

Bedell Custom Acoustic Guitar: “Stripe”

Designed by: Doug Hebenthal
Written by Tom Bedell

Imagine the journey of a 2,000 – 3,000-year-old giant redwood tree, toppling into the Pacific Ocean in Northern California and swept by wind and waves, finally resting on the Manzanita Beach, Tillamook County, Oregon during the winter of 2014/2015. We do not know how long it floated at sea, but the pronounced mineral markings from the salt water absorbed into its fiber give it added density and eye-catching appeal. Doug chose to name this stunning guitar, Stripe.

For the back and sides, Doug selected a unique set of Brazilian rosewood called Puerta de Iglesia. Imported into Spain in the 1960’s, the distinct character of Brazilian with outspoken sapwood was popular in Europe for cathedral doors – hence the Spanish name that translates as “church door”.

To follow this European theme, an 18th Century inspired inlay of green abalone beautifully accents the extraordinary woods to make Stripe one of the most beautiful guitars crafted at the Bedell Custom Shop.

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