Conscious Connection Magazine features Bedell Partner REVERB

Conscious Connection Magazine shares lifestyle stories focusing on changing the world – many with an environmental spin.  Throughout the year, they have been sharing many of Bedell’s stories including Tom Bedell’s trip to Guatemala, our sustainably built Homegrown Collection and features on some of our non-profit partners like the Rainforest Alliance.

Most recently they have featured the organization REVERB shedding light on all the great work they do greening tours and their campaign to bring light to illegal logging.  “It’s entirely unnecessary,” Shares Adam. “Look at Bedell Guitars. Tom Bedell is like my hero, he’s such an amazing advocate and business activist, and his guitars sound amazing. Guster plays them exclusively on stage because they’re incredible instruments, and they are a perfect example of how great guitars can be created sustainably. You know, the most eco-friendly guitar in the world doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t sound good, but Bedell Guitars are proof that amazing sound can be created with sustainable sourcing.”

You can read the whole story here.

Check out Adam’s Artist Profile and be sure to check out Guster on tour playing their Bedell Earthsong Orchestras.