Featured Artist | Louisa Wendorff

Louisa Wendorff has been singing since she was seven years old.  In June of 2014 she released Arrow, which climbed to #2 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart,and #1 on Billboard’s HeatSeekers chart.

However, you probably most recognize her for her YouTube mashup of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space/Style.”  Launched on December 23, 2014 it went viral when Taylor Swift shared it with one word, “OBSESSED.”  Now, with more than 21 million views, it earned Louisa and Devin Dawson a live spot on the E! News Red Carpet at this years Grammy’s.

Bedell: Do you have one word to sum up the last six months?

​Louisa Wendorff: magic.

​Bedell: Your video “Blank Space/Style” has had amazing success and even got you a live performance on the Red Carpet at the Grammy’s!  How was that?

LW: It was completely amazing! I was so grateful to have been apart of such an incredible day and am still in awe that that even happened!

​Bedell: How do you come up with the mashups you do?  Do you do the arrangements for them?

LW: I get inspiration for each one in different ways, and yes I arrange them myself. If I feel like a mashup is close but hit a creative block, I have a few friends I reach out to for input.

​Bedell: When you launch an original like “Every Little Thing,” which is beautiful by the way, do you get nervous that people won’t respond as well to your original work as they do your covers?

LW: Yes, that can be a huge fear of mine. My goal has always been to be an artist singing my own songs. While it’s been completely fabulous getting a fast pass to where I am now, I don’t want to be known as a cover artist. So I definitely get nervous that my fans will only like my covers.  But when it comes down to it, I’m not worried. I have an amazing team in place and have been working day in and out for as long as I can remember, so I’m just excited to see when it all goes from here.

​Bedell: When did you pick up playing the guitar?

LW: I started playing the guitar when I was a sophomore in high school, so a little over 4 years ago.

​Bedell: Parlors are gaining in popularity – why does that body shape appeal to you?

LW: I am absolutely obsessed with the parlor shape.  It is small just like me so I truly feel like we are just made for each other. Its Louisa sized!

​Bedell: You spent quite a bit of time “stalking” the Earthsong Parlor.  What was it about that guitar that spoke to you?

LW: Stalking is a very accurate word, haha. From the 1st to the 7th time I came to visit my beloved Earthsong, the tone, color of the wood, and size were the definition of perfection to me.  Every time I played it in the store and now wherever I go, it just feels right.  A sense of peace just comes over me when I play.

Bedell: And now it seems it’s taken a life of its own.  Many people name their guitars…yours is Baby B.  But it has it’s own Instagram page @BabyBedell?

LW: Yes it does! Those who know me, know I’m a goof, and having a page for my guitar is so fun. I mean, why not! People make pages for their cats and dogs all the time. And Baby B has it’s own cute little personality so how I could I not?

​Bedell: Any new videos on the horizon we can look forward to?

LW: Yes! I am planning on releasing a new mashup sometime in April.

Photo Credit: Blythe Thomas