Brazilian Collection

Known for it’s magical tonal character and deep rich beauty, Brazilian rosewood is regarded as the world’s finest acoustic tone wood. Unfortunately, it has become rare and highly regulated as Brazilian Rosewood is endangered and protected – listed in CITES in the same category as elephant ivory. It is not illegal to own a guitar made with Brazilian, but without documentation confirming it’s harvest before 1992; there may be restrictions on both travel outside of America and the future ability to resale the instrument legally. Bedell Guitars may be the world’s only company owning a significant quantity of Brazilian Rosewood tone wood sets, fully documented, and tour certified to legally travel throughout the world. We are honored with an amazing treasure. Tucked away in a warehouse just outside of Madrid, Spain, Madinter stored a large quantity of Brazilian timber imported during the 1950’s and 1960’s. After the Spanish government verified the legality of Madinter’s Brazilian in 2010, Bedell Guitars acquired all of it. We are pleased to offer the exceptional voice of our 50 year aged Brazilian in two magnificent instrument series: “The Summer of Love”, “The Revere”, and, coming this Fall, the “Rio Power Dread.”