Antiquity Collection

In our journeys through the world's amazing forests and with our partnership with sustainable wood harvesters, occasionally we encounter incredible wood that promises magnificent music wood. Not just for it's beauty, but for it's tonal potential. A one of a kind instrument. The Antiquity Collection is our assortment of these unique and treasured guitars, their story, and dreams that initiated their creation. For example, Antiquity Collection instruments may come from a 50,000 year old figured Kauri tree in New Zealand or a highly figured tonewood set from "The Tree" - a famous 500 year old Honduran mahogany tree discovered in the Mayan forest in Central America. There is an extraordinary Brazilian rosewood tree named Milagro that was found buried near a lake in northeastern Brazil and sent to Spain in the 1950's. On a trip to Kona, Hawaii we discovered a dead standing Koa tree with spectacular figure. We are always on the look out for treasured tonewood that will allow us to combine art and sound, music and beauty, a cherished instrument that can only live once in the possession of one enthusiast…forever.