Artisan Guitars

Franklin, Tennessee

Artisan Guitars is not your average guitar shop!

The very concept of a guitar shop in Nashville is hardly unique. However, when you visit the legendary Music City, as you might expect, there's a lot of history & heritage to live up to. With some of the world's finest songwriters, session players, and famous recording studios, it beckons visions of Guitar Mecca for players from around the world.

Living up to those high expectations, Artisan Guitars proudly represents some of the world's finest acoustic guitar builders of this century, luthiers who in their own right are artists in every sense of the term. They provide the future heirloom quality instruments that our children and grandchildren will inherit as their musical heritage, today.

Handcrafted means building guitars in a style reminiscent of master luthiers from a bygone era, where master grade woods are selected by hand for their region of growth & superior tonal qualities; where progressive bracing designs & techniques offer exceptional projection & full rich tone, truly the magic of master luthiers – all this and more, crafted with modern day technology to exacting standards, with the highest quality components.

Ten years of building relationships

Our role is one of partnership with these extraordinary builders, to recognize the scope of their achievements & broader capabilities, which they have gained from a passionate endeavor during the past 40 years that sums up their master level experience.  This intrinsic value is represented in each handcrafted instrument.

The value of our experience comes with a history of compassionate understanding of the needs of the individual player at all skill levels & all music genres; coupled with a comprehensive knowledge & relationship with these builders.

Whether designing guitars to be commissioned for specific purpose & playing style; or introducing a player to the value of handcrafted guitars for the first time – our goal is to match your needs with the right instrument.  For the consummate player, it’s all about tone.

To that end, please take a moment to review some examples of unsolicited client testimonials here on-line, for which we are grateful to have played a part.  Obviously we are passionate about our role in providing a highly focused level of personal service, necessary to ensure your satisfaction.

We offer expert advice on essential elements which affect tone, such as choice of top woods, bracing patterns, scale lengths, & body size.  Equally important, our supporting products are hand-picked for quality and purpose; from our extensive line of acoustic pickups & amplifiers to individual picks & instrument cases.

“Where artistry meets craftsmanship”