Wolfe Guitars

Jupiter, Florida

Our guitar Love Affair began in 1960 when a young Jay Wolfe began working after school for fabled Tippet’s Music in New Orleans. Tippet’s was a large Gibson, Fender, Gretch dealer, frequented by many great Musicians and young enthusiastic Jay learned quickly how to adjust & setup the somewhat shoddily made Guitars of the 50’s & 60’s for local and touring pro players. This rich experience instilled in Jay a deep passion for Guitars and the Musicians that play them.

Located in Jupiter, Florida (No. Palm Beach area) and Brentwood, Tennessee (Nashville area) – Wolfe Guitars focuses on instruments made in smaller numbers than today’s typical assembly line mega builders. Hand craftsmanship still trumps the uncaring computerized machine, and some of our favorite guitars come from Breedlove.

The friendly staff at Wolfe Guitars hopes you stop in for a visit when you’re in the area. Also please check us out on YouTube & Facebook.

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2875 Jupiter Park Dr # 400, , Jupiter, FL 33458

2875 Jupiter Park Dr # 400, , Jupiter, FL 33458