Bedell Introduces Digital Plant & Animal Cards for Convenient Travel

May 01, 2017

While traveling with your acoustic instrument can be stressful, particularly if you are taking it out of the country, you have no worries with your Bedell. There have been changes in legislation and in CITES listings that may restrict international travel with some brands, but, with the exception of Bedell models crafted with Brazilian rosewood, your Bedell Guitar can be taken to any country for performances and holidays without concern. We track the source of all of our woods, frequently back to the very tree.
We want to make your travels as effortless as possible, so to insure you encounter no difficulties or misunderstandings with customs officials, we have posted digital Plant and Animal Contents Cards on our website. These new digital cards can be found online for each Bedell Guitar, available as a digital download from each instrument’s profile page. The cards contain detailed information clearly stating the tonewood and animal parts included in each model. Each cards details the common name, scientific name and country of origin for every component of the instrument. We encourage you to print this out and carry it in your guitar case. That way if you are ever challenged with the wood species in your instrument, you can present the Contents Card.
If you own a Bedell Guitar containing Brazilian rosewood, you will need a Guitar Passport for international travel. We are pleased to help you secure the necessary permits.